Nothing is more delightful than receiving a call making enquiries about the possibilities of tuning a much loved wedding dress into a Christening gown. Some women keep their wedding dresses with this re-purposing in mind, because it means so much to them that they want to have their dress to continue its journey into another major important mile stone in their life within their new family. We just love to be able to be part of this journey, we try to use all of the fabrics of the dress and keep certain parts of the styling (if possible) to turn it into an appropriate and beautiful Christening gown.

Adrienne's comments

“One of the most delightful calls to receive is an enquiry to turn a much loved wedding dress into a Christening gown”

Featured Project:

Marie contacted us in late 2016, wondering if we could use her wedding dress to make a Christening gown for her beautiful baby boy George.
She came to see us with George and her wedding dress and we discussed briefly a rough idea of what George’s gown should look like in relation to the style, lace and fabrics of her dress. First we made a slip from the soft Duchess Satin of the inner layers of her dress and then from the Organza of her skirt and the lace from her bodice and sleeves we created a beautiful Organza and lace Christening gown. We had enough lace over to make a lovely skull cap for baby George – so nothing of her wedding dress was wasted.


“I understand it may be an atypical request, but I would just like to create an heirloom if possible”
Marie (George’s mum)

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